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Complex Finances?

Complex Finances?

Mediation is a flexible and robust way to sort out even the most complex finances. We have the experience to tailor the mediation model to suit the particular circumstances of your financial situation.

Here are a few examples of where additional support might be needed so you can still achieve a fair and workable solution:

  • multiple properties
  • large investments
  • above average capital and/or income
  • significant pension funds
  • substantial business interests
  • foreign assets
  • complicated tax implications

Complex finances within the adversarial process of litigation can lead to huge legal costs running into tens of thousands of pounds for each of you. Here at South West Mediation we have over the years developed innovative models of financial dispute resolution to deal with even the most complex or substantial financial circumstances. We were for example one of the first services to invite solicitors to accompany their clients to the mediation sessions in cases where there were complicated legal issues that required a lawyer’s input as the mediation progressed. More recently we have developed a new model where we work closely with a chartered financial planner who can provide information and impartial advice as part of the mediation process on complex financial matters such as pensions, investing assets to ensure an adequate income in the future and how to minimize the tax consequences when assets are divided.

As long as there is a willingness on your part to work collaboratively to find a fair outcome, we can provide the appropriate mediation framework for you to achieve this. The next step is for you to contact us to arrange an Information and Options Meeting with one of our experienced mediators who can discuss with you further the different way in which we can assist in even the most complex financial disputes.

Click here to read more about Matthew Clark, our new Chartered Financial Planner.

I think doing financial mediation saved a lot of heartache and aggravation that a lawyer doing negotiation would have caused

Mediation is very easy and helpful. It's also much quicker and cheaper than solicitors

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