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Divorcing or Separating?

Divorcing or Separating?

Some people think that mediation is only for separated couples who continue to have an easy and co-operative relationship. However the reality is that few couples who come to mediation have that sort of relationship.

More often than not we mediate with people who - before they started mediation - were worried that their ex-partner would do one or more of the following:

  • dominate and steamroller the discussions
  • be allowed to pressurise you into an arrangement that may not be fair for you
  • refuse to let you get a word in edgeways
  • try to confuse you because they have more financial knowledge than you
  • charm the mediator
  • use the mediation to continue to intimidate you

But their actual experience of mediation has in fact been very different. Of course there are some situations where mediation won’t be the appropriate way forward but there are many situations where mediation is very successful even when the relationship is complicated and fraught. All our mediators are very skilled at managing these difficult dynamics and have lots of ways to ensure that you feel safe and are able to engage fully and fairly in the process.

Our initial Information and Options Meeting is just between you and the expert mediator. This gives you a chance to discuss your concerns and we will explain how we might be able to address them so that you feel confident in giving a mediation a try.

I liked the way that mediation was non-confrontational and provided an easier way to reach a fair and reasonable outcome

It is good to be listened to by an impartial third party

Mediation is a very useful tool to take a step back and look properly at all the options in an informal and relaxed way